“HAYWASQA” ceremony or “Payment to Earth”, an Andean ritual that has been practiced from time immemorial; A way of paying tribute to nature and the strong bonds between it and people.

“Pako” (Andean priest) is in charge of adoring the Sun, the most important deity, and the Pachamama (mother Earth), the deity of fertility.

“Despacho” (dispatch) was thought about to be about reciprocity, and people thanked spirits for gifts and good fortune bestowed upon them through oblation. This consists of coca leaves, cereals such as corn, granola, rice, wheat, quinoa, kiwicha, sweets, fruits, sponge cakes, precious metals and various elements from nature.

While the Pako is performing the ritual at sunrise, musicians play native melodies during ceremony.

Starting on 14th August, Haywasqa ceremony will be held at ICHU on the last Wednesday of every month at 8:30pm.

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