A sense of wanderlust inspired ICHU’s Korean-born Head Chef Sang Jeong to travel the world in pursuit of culinary excellence. He brings over a decade of international experience to this latest project.

A protégé of visionary chef Virgilio Martínez, Chef Sang spent over three years at Martinez’s award-winning Central Restaurant in Lima. Working alongside Martinez, Sang mastered the art of Peruvian cuisine, a vibrant food culture inspired by a rich hybrid of culinary influences and indigenous traditions.

With an extensive knowledge of Peruvian ingredients and techniques, Chef Sang was appointed by Martinez to launch ICHU in Hong Kong. Known for his nuanced flavours and contemporary style, Chef Sang celebrates Peruvian culinary traditions.

“I am excited to introduce authentic Peruvian cuisine to Hong Kong diners,” says Chef Sang. “Our menu presents much-loved dishes and ingredients in a welcoming, casual atmosphere. Our intention is to recreate the fun, relaxed experience you find when dining in local Lima restaurants.”




Award-winning mixologist Massimo Petovello brings over a decade of experience to ICHU. In his role, Massimo is responsible for bar operations and leads the creative direction of the restaurant’s beverage programme.

Hailing from Northern Italy, Massimo honed his craft at leading international hospitality and restaurant groups. Then a rising star mixologist, he spent four years at the helm as Head Bartender of Aqua Restaurant Group. During his tenure, he was nominated as a finalist in Diageo Reserve World Class 2013 (London) and led the pre-opening team for Aqua Shard.

His career has taken him around the globe from United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and finally to Hong Kong in 2017. Prior to joining ICHU, Massimo was the Bar Manager of Buenos Aires Polo Club.




French-born Nil Chaib is the General Manager of ICHU. Having worked for internationally renowned hospitality and lifestyle groups, Nil brings a passion for delivering genuine and memorable experiences to guests.

Nil has been immersed in the restaurant industry for over a decade and his extensive career has taken him from Paris, London, Spain and to Hong Kong in 2015. Prior to ICHU, Nil spent two years at The Optimist as General Manager, where he was part of the pre-opening team.

In his role at ICHU, Nil is responsible for front of house operations. Energetic and engaging, he brings the restaurant concept to life through his knowledge of Peruvian culinary traditions.